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Known for her trademark “feel good”, smiling, energetic performances, Juwana Jenkins of Philadelphia delights and uplifts audiences with her unmistakable soulful, gospel-influenced voice and “distinctive, very rich delivery” of her own original songs as well as classic hits.

Currently based in Prague, Czech Republic, Juwana has sung, danced, acted and moderated on stages and screens in the US, Europe and Asia and has played the front woman for bands, such as Tonny’s Blues Band, Murphy Band and Tina Turner Tribute. She’s worked with a wide assortment of well-respected musicians, including Music Academy award winners Ondřej Pivec and Roman Pokorný (2 time Jazz Academy award winner), Charlie Slavik, Jan Kořínek, Jan Martínek and Marcel Flemr.

Raised in the Baptist church, she honestly can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing.

Images of Juwana’s album are also available for download.

Media coverage

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The Soulful Side of the Blues

She left the U.S. in 1994 with $400 in her pocket, her life savings from her grandfather. When she is not capturing hearts of blues enthusiasts and the general public during her energetic performances, she likes to explore different genres like gospel, hip-hop or country. Check out the excerpts of what Juwana had to say about the start of Her All-Star Mojo Band, her plans for celebrating 15th anniversary as a front-woman and why she has been using social media.

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Juwana Is Married to The Blues for Better or Worse

Juwana talked to about almost everything – the power of music, future plans and The Blues Keeps You Alive album. Here you can get all the juicy details of all the responses in the original, unedited version in English. Don’t miss the complete inside story on how songs Married to the Blues and I Don’t Miss You came to life!

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New CD Available

The Blues Keeps You Alive

For people who want to have fun when the day is done, The Blues Keeps You Alive album is a rough and raw journey through America to the tune of original songs, highlighting different shades of the blues, including West Coast Swing, Mississippi Delta, Memphis Soul, Chicago Blues, Detroit Motown, gospel and early funk.

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