2013 Czech Jazz Contest: Judge’s Notes

Tonight and tomorrow night , Juwana is judging for the 2013 Czech Jazz Contest at Reduta Jazz Club in Prague, separating the good bands from the truly extraordinary. The winning band will get a chance to play at 35th International Jazz Festival Prague and receive a cash prize of 25 000 CZK.

UPDATE from Juwana:

I always have fun judging music contests to find the hottest new talent and bands. Now, it’s the top performers battling in 2013 Czech Jazz Contest at Reduta Jazz Club Prague! Last night, I enjoyed bobbing and bopping to the sounds of Bitmap Collective v. Anthony Dee. Tonight, it’s Moods Trio vs. Doris & The Swingin’ Bastards.

Juwana Jenkins announces the winners of Czech Jazz Contest in Reduta Music Club

I also had a chance to moderate an event, which is something I love. As much as I enjoy calling for a round of applause for talented performers and the organization that support and sponsor them, my favorite part is calling the winner’s name and sharing that special moment when the person get the prize. Congratulations to Sophie, the winner of last night’s special prize drawing for a bottle of premium rum.


I’m really glad I went and I’m very honored that I went as a judge. There were bands that genuinely won me over and made me a fan, but, alas, I can’t say which until the competition is over! There are definitely names that I will be watching out for and I’m sincerely looking forward to hearing those bands in their own full concerts.

- Juwana


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