Song Backstory: Hound Dog

The fourth song on The Blues Keeps You Alive album, “Hound Dog” is the only cover song on the 12 song album.  Inspired by Big Mama Thorton’s version, the rhumba rhythm in our version is done so teasingly slow on purpose that we call it “garter belt” tempo.

I always like to say that you can use our version of “Hound Dog” as a ringtone.

You can set it to ring for someone who habitually calls only after 10, 11 maybe just round midnight. …and you know exactly who’s callin’, why and what for.

But you’ve been there, done that, got yours and moved on.

No harm. No foul. Truly, it was fun while it lasted… but you’re just not feelin’ it anymore.

So when the phone rings you can hear the sensuous call of this seductive rhythm and savor that  knowing, self-satisfied smile and dirty, throaty chuckle at the words…

“You can wag your tail / But I ain’t gonna feed you no more.”

So listen to “Hound Dog” and let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear your tales about who’s been snoopin’ round your door. ;-)

- J



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