Song Backstory: J’s Juke Joint

The first three songs on the The Blues Keeps You Alive album are about love, lust and loss, but the fourth song “J’s Juke Joint” is about you. Yes, you reading these words right now.

“Juke joint (or jook joint) is the vernacular term for an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking, primarily operated by African American people in the southeastern United States. The term ‘juke’ is believed to derive from the Gullah word joog, meaning rowdy or disorderly. A juke joint may also be called a ‘barrelhouse’.”

If you’re at my concert it’s probably late at night. You’ve worked all day and in most cases all week too. Most likely you’re tired and you just came out to have a good time, let your hair down and just have fun. Maybe you’re there with your man, out with your lady, off with your friends or even with your colleagues, but in any case, the mood is right and you want to let go, let loose and live.

You may catch my show at some of the oldest and most prestigious clubs and at some of the finest venues for some of the biggest, most respected companies… but don’t let that fool you.

My show is an invitation for everyone to re-energize.

Your time to laugh just a little louder and more freely.

Your chance to whoop and holler and shout and clap your hands and pat your feet.

Your moment to do like James Brown said “and get on up!” just because you’ve been movin’ to the music and wigglin’ in your chair so long, you may as well stop holdin’ it in.

My show is for people who’ve kept it in all day or all week or longer and now just want to “let it all hang out. Hey, let it all hang out!”

Because that’s exactly what I’m doing up there.

So listen to “J’s Juke Joint” and let me know your thoughts.

- J

PS: If you want to hear this song live, come on down to JazzDock next Tuesday, April 9th, where Juwana Jenkins and Her All-Star Mojo Band will be performing.


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