Song Backstory: Never Say I Love You

Fans often ask  Juwana what motivated her to write a particular song  on  The Blues Keeps You Alive album. So from now on you’ll get the inside scoop on the juicy details of each song with a song a week, starting with the album’s first one: “Never Say I Love You”.


The lyrics come from a true story. I got a call late one Valentine’s Day, a few months shy of our one year anniversary. He said there are some words that he had already spoken in his life before that turned out to not mean very much later… so he’d rather not tell anyone that any more.

To which I replied: “You just told me,” and wrote the lyrics to this song.

I’d much rather someone know me well and show me he loves me all year long than to hear the words on Valentine’s Day and not see the actions the rest of the year.

Been there. Done that. Know better.

You know what I mean?

Although it wasn’t the first song written for the album (that was “Please Don’t Make Me Late”, more on that next week!), it comes first because that juicy slide guitar and fat moaning harmonica sound like the end of a long, hot summer day before a hot and sticky summer night when the band takes off with the country-blues sound of a down-home, juke joint in full swing.

Let me know what you think: add comments or ask questions about your favorite riffs and lyrics. ;-)

- Juwana


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