Song Backstory: Silly Boy

Get the answers Juwana gave a girlfriend when she asked about the real story behind “Silly Boy”, the 8th song from The Blues Keeps You Alive album.

Silly Boy is such a happy upbeat tune, yet when we really listen to the lyrics, you are definitely not happy with this Silly Boy at all. So which came first, the melody or the lyrics?

Actually, this song was originally called  “Just Can’t Get You Out of My Bed”, but when we went into the studio producer, Jan Korinek reworked the groove so much that my original lyrics didn’t match the mood anymore! The tune was so light-hearted, playful and whimsical, but funky, that I had to completely change the lyrics to suit the music, but I still connected the song to the story of  “Just Can’t Get You Out of My Bed”.

Listening to just the instrumental music of the song on repeat, I heard the silliness of the song and it reminded me of a not-yet ex with whom I’d just recently had lunch.

Image of Juwana Jenkins performing on stage

It was the end of an affair to remember and the thrill was gone. My head knew it wouldn’t work, but my heart, the optimist, just hadn’t signed off on that yet and refused to give up hope.

He’d been the first person, I’d actually felt something for in a long time after a rather dark time in my life and I just couldn’t believe that my heart would never flutter and my stomach wouldn’t ever feel butterflies about him/us again.

So I accepted his invitation to lunch, got dolled up–as I love to do, and went to meet him.

Within 5 minutes he did something so silly, yet so totally disrespectful that my heart disheartened finally gave up and said, “Head, you win again.”

Royally pissed off, once I made the connection between the sound of the music and how I felt that afternoon, I wrote the lyrics from the heart and “Silly Boy” was born.

When you say “I’m so over you because I got the blues” what do you mean by that?

I mean that in spite of the fun, the laughter, the memories of the past; the present is just too disappointing and too painful and a future like this isn’t worth having. So I have to let you and my dreams, hopes and fantasies about you and us go, because the reality of being with you is giving me the blues–heartache.

What kind of advice would you give to a fan stuck with his/her own “Silly Boy”?

LOL!!! If I had known what to do, I wouldn’t have needed to write the song!! SMH!

Actually, now a year after the incident, my best advice is to fall in love with life and living and the things you love to do and the friends and family you love to be with. With life abundantly full of the things, activities and people that bring you joy, peace and energy, there are so many positive experiences that there is just no more room for a Silly Boy… so it’s much easier to get over him and turn him loose. ;-)

And that’s how the Blues keeps you alive!

So listen to “Silly Boy” and let me know your advice for getting over someone.



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