Song Backstory: This Bed Ain’t Big Enough

Following the rhumba rhythm of our cover of “Hound Dog”, the album returns to originals with music inspired by the sound of old school funk.  But actually, you already have the backstory on “This Bed Ain’t Big Enough”, the fifth song on The Blues Keeps You Alive album. It’s included in the song.

If you go to the outro from 3:15 you have what happened that inspired this song.

In the studio before recording each song, I’d tell the band what happened in my life that was powerful enough to make me put pen to paper to release/resolve an issue.

Their playing needed to embody that mood, that feeling, that moment.

One session I was about to tell the story to this song before recording, but Honza Kořínek, our multi-talented producer, said “just tell us the story at the end of the song this time.”

So I did and that’s what you hear. Uncut, unedited, first take, you hear my accent so you know I must be really pissed.

So listen to “This Bed Ain’t Big Enough” and let me know:  What makes you say

Hell-to-the No.   It ain’t happen.   Not over here.

- J

PS: If you want to hear this song live, come  to the Biala Blues Festival Sunday, April 21st, when Juwana Jenkins and Her All-Star Mojo Band will be headlining.

Juwana wearing pink gloves


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