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Song Backstory: This Bed Ain’t Big Enough

Following the rhumba rhythm of our cover of “Hound Dog”, the album returns to originals with music inspired by the sound of old school funk. But actually, you already have the backstory on “This Bed Ain’t Big Enough”, the fifth song on The Blues Keeps You Alive album. It’s included in the song.

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Song Backstory: Hound Dog

The fourth song on The Blues Keeps You Alive album, “Hound Dog” is the only cover song on the 12 song album.  Inspired by Big Mama Thorton’s version, the rhumba rhythm in our version is done so teasingly slow on purpose that we call it “garter belt” tempo. I always like to say that you [...]

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Song Backstory: J’s Juke Joint

The first three songs on the The Blues Keeps You Alive album are about love, lust and loss, but the fourth song “J’s Juke Joint” is about you. Yes, you reading these words right now. “Juke joint (or jook joint) is the vernacular term for an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking, primarily operated [...]

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The Blues Keeps You Alive

For people who want to have fun when the day is done, The Blues Keeps You Alive album is a rough and raw journey through America to the tune of original songs, highlighting different shades of the blues, including West Coast Swing, Mississippi Delta, Memphis Soul, Chicago Blues, Detroit Motown, gospel and early funk.

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