The Czech Grammys: Anděl Awards (Academy of Popular Music)

After attending last night’s ceremony for the Anděl Awards, the Czech Grammys, what stays with me the most is a sense of camaraderie.

I loved that

  •  - when someone came off the stage the members of Kryštof had their hands up to give the winners high 5s as they passed by.
  •  - Lucie Bílá stood up to kiss and congratulate Aneta Langerová when Aneta won the category Best Female Vocalist in which they were both nominated.
  •  - the audience consistently gave standing ovations for Pavel Bobek, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Who wouldn’t want to be recognized by their peers and their industry for a life that brings joy and inspiration to others? To dream it is one thing. To actually do it? Hats off.

Congratulations to everyone who took home Angels last night! Thanks for the inspiration!

What were your favorite moments from the Anděl Awards Ceremony?

Photo: Blues performer Juwana Jenkins at Zlatý Anděl awards ceremonyMichal Kántor


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